I was watching my soul slowly drowning in the dark

Holding on to that yearning which made a permanent mark

His pure beauty captivated me in the dorm of affection

With a little space to encourage any suspection

We were like untouched skin of the universe

And as usual the world was a spectator just like a curse

Seperation was the only thing destined to be happen

Though it took years to make it last long with a batten

Roads were not any smoother to haulage any snag

But the force of love was the potent that made us drag

It was life that rammed me on such a short notice

Making a permanent hole in my heart to live with it

With a sudden gasp of pain i broke into pieces

Only to know my existence was a mere false belief



Oh ! The time has gone again

In doing things but just in vain

Bewildered in the restless space of time

But comfy in all the crazy hopes of life

Pleasure is a beautiful thing time will never appreciate

Withdrawing all the greatness with its sheer atrocitate

Working in the mirage of dreams

Persist just a shadow of gleam

Oh! What a cruel world it is

And we blame all the enormity on a society we live in

Rise up to the path that showers you with contentment

And there will never be a feeling of resentment

Breaking the barriers will take you into the wild

With a little request to never let die your inner child

Raj Bilimoria