The Encounter

Just tried to write, what i felt one night, for all those women who are acid attack victims. Maybe this will not be helpful to anyone in any way but it is my inner self that wants to spill the feelings for those fighter women in the world.





I was watching my soul slowly drowning in the dark

Holding on to that yearning which made a permanent mark

His pure beauty captivated me in the dorm of affection

With a little space to encourage any suspection

We were like untouched skin of the universe

And as usual the world was a spectator just like a curse

Seperation was the only thing destined to be happen

Though it took years to make it last long with a batten

Roads were not any smoother to haulage any snag

But the force of love was the potent that made us drag

It was life that rammed me on such a short notice

Making a permanent hole in my heart to live with it

With a sudden gasp of pain i broke into pieces

Only to know my existence was a mere false belief

Caste Apart

As i laid on the bed with a sigh of relief

The thing banged me with its sheer grief

It was during the autumn when they shed their most pain

And i was like the only receptor of that torment, like the cool breeze in the plain

Vaguely remembering​ the daunting​ from the past

The curse unraveled the facade behind the mask

“He must belong to our caste”, A message in her whatsapp read

It made my eyes wide open showing the truth that was envisaged

Her father was behind the conspiracy in which i was the only casualty

And i couldn’t take it any longer as i breathed heavily

“That cannot be happen between us”, All She said, as i cried within my heart

And i couldn’t let go her off my mind, still we are miles apart.

Its a well known ending of all the love story

In which the male protagonist is the only fatality


I was dwelling in the past, unknown of all the lies

A chain of hope came by just to lift me up in the skies

Thoughts started pouring into my brain

And it was like a briefing​ of another imagination​

Where happiness comes in the form of rain

It felt like a complete solace

To discover a new me,

Because i left my old-self at your place

My undue feelings for you remained untouched in my soul

As i found out that living was a mere dream that was bound to broke

Let Me Sleep

Oh it came to me again, the thought of you

Again in my dreams you were the bloom

It kept replaying on and on with a pinch of your warmth

And i was like a dumbstruck soul unaware of all havoc

They kept on bombing the land of mine

While unheard of the nature’s​ wail to stop this crime

Humanity showed up again his atrocity

And they say humans have the kindest mentality

Thank god, i was uprooted from the land of chaos

And you, oh great Almighty came for my rescue to ethos

I shall now have a pleasant sleep in your wonderland

Without any harm unplanned